Trade or Sale - 6+2 brahma hatching eggs


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Feb 22, 2012
Northeast Ohio
These 6+2 eggs will be from my buff and light brahmas.Price is $25 + $5 for shipping or will trade. These eggs will only be traded for Wheaton/blue Wheaton Ameraucana hatching eggs. I MUST get the same amount of eggs in return. NO hatchery stock! I would like pictures of your birds if you want to trade. All of my roosters are buff. You will hatch out A) ALL females will be buff colored B) buff males C) males that look like light brahmas when chicks but feather out with light color except red shoulders. My lines have come from well known breeders. The buffs came from Ron Yochum. My lights came from Kim and Kendra Aldrich and Dave Burchett. I have excellent fertility as I have a ratio of 1 male to 2 females. My birds have been tested for pullorum are tested negative.

Eggs are stored at 55 degrees and turned daily. They are always handled with clean hands and rarely have any poo on them. They are collected 2X daily. Then I mark the date collected and the pen they came from.

Please note that I will package the eggs as best as possible but the USPS handling can be tough on eggs, so I can not be held responsible for damages or poor hatch rates. I also do not guarantee that you will receive SQ birds from these eggs. I do however guarantee that my birds are either show quality or breeder quality. If you have any questions please PM me. Payment must be PayPal.
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Sadly no I do not both of them got staph infections on their feet and before I realized what was wrong it was too late. I do have all buff males over my lights. What I am planning on doing though is taking one of the males I get from the buff x light cross and putting him over my light hens. This will give me buff and light hens and light roosters along with the cross roosters. If I were to take one of the cross males and put him on buff hens then I would get light and buff hens and buff males along with the cross males. The cross males you will receive are definitely not just scrap and could be put to good use in a breeding program.
Arzriel I noticed you have Ameraucana's. I was wondering what the quality was on those. If you want these eggs I would be willing to consider trading for 8 of your Ameraucana eggs. If you could PM me some info and pictures on them that would be wonderful!

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