TRADED FS 50+ Quail eggs- $25 shipped or NY pick up for $18


Wanna-be Farmer
11 Years
Dec 16, 2008
I have a mix of A&M and pharoh eggs and a few mystery colors (all breeds kept seperate) available, my bators runith over so....

I will accept money or a good barter such as soap, or any other handy thing
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no one, please my egg cartons have not arrived, my bators are full and I get over 30 eggs a day!
at this rate it will be well over 60 eggs a GREAT deal!!!!
I don't know what you mean by handy things but I have a working Gameboy Color. It's teal and comes with pokemon gold. I also have 2 fruit shaped soap/sponge holders. 1 apple 1 pear.
i am sure my son would love the gameboy lol but I am trying to keep him away from video games, he already comendeers the sidekick phone my cousin has to play some game and he is only 3 1/2

A pair of earings for my sister would be cool though anything that dangles an is unique she loves.


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