trading button quail with courtinix ?

As with all trades, the traders should get something better than what they are trading. When I say better, I mean something they want. Not something mathematically better/more expensive, but simply what they want.

The total worth of the trade is a value judgment. Would I trade coturnix for buttons? No, because I don't want buttons. Would I trade coturnix eggs for buttons/button eggs...maybe. Would I trade my entire coturnix flock for an ostrich, mule, horse, milking cow...maybe, and I might me a bit up mathematically, but sense I don't want, or really want to care for the traded items, then I wouldn't trade.

Brass tacks! A fair trade is when both parties get what they want!
well no it doesnt go that way just say someone really wanted a pair of ring neck phesants and only had adult peafowl for sale the person with the phesant said they wanted a peacock adult for their phesant the trade is very unfair as peafowl are worth a lot mmore
Well around here, adult Coturnex sell for $10 each. I have not seen the Buttons sold here. So if I wanted one because of its color or whatever, to me it would be worth even more. But that's me.

So what do the various varieties and colors sell for in your area? That is what you need to base it on. Check out craigslist to start with. If you aren't satisfied or feel it is not a fair trade, then it probably isn't. You can't go by the size of the bird, that's for sure.

There are lots of people here that can sell you some hatching eggs and then you will have a surprise package once they start popping. Now that is the cool part.

Good luck.
Would I trade button quail for coturnix? Nope. Would I trade coturnix for button quail? Nope. They are my pets. I had enough of giving up animals when I was growing up. I do NOT voluntarily get an animal for the purpose of selling or trading it later.

Would I trade eggs even? Sure.

Now, if I were trading eggs for birds, it would be either or both kinds of eggs for Coturnix quail. I need new Coturnix blood. I don't need new Button Quail DNA right now.

It's a matter of what I need / want / value, not the economic worth of my birds.
That's a value judgment. Peafowl, are not even on my radar, so no matter what one thinks they cost...I just don't see that worthless beast in my flock.

And for anyone that wants to pay $10 per coturnix....Please call/PM Me!

Sorry...I don't get into BBGE...GGOF, or the chicken nomenclature. That doesn't make me a bad person, does it?
If someone had an extra peafowl, decided they didn't like them or that particular one after getting them, and didn't care about getting the best value out of it they may trade it for much less expensive birds that they do want. If both people like the trade it isn't unfair. Someone just got a good deal on a peafowl. I just got over $100 in pedigreed rabbits free in a trade over the weekend because the guy had extra and didn't care to get their maximum value. He didn't think it was unfair and I got what I wanted plus more than I expected so it works out just fine.

Ask yourself do you want the other bird and do you want to part with your birds? Can you get more for your birds selling them separately in your area (every location differs so no one can tell you what they are worth where you are) and do you want to go through the effort? I've butchered a few buttons as cat snacks because it's hard to sell them around here and the effort was too great. So I'd happily trade the extras for coturnix since even if I end up butchering those they'll provide a big enough meal for at least the dogs if not meat for ourselves. If I had extra coturnix and someone offered me certain colors of buttons I'd probably do that too. I found buttons too annoying to raise though unless I can get exactly what colors I want.

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