traditional dog houses make good coops


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6 Years
Apr 13, 2013
I went to Tractor Supply when dog houses were on sale and bought a few. I had it attached and enclosed with with fencing wire to make a long run. Little doors were made for the house. There are several perches, and at night, after all birds are in the nesting box, I close the doors. They are safe at night. I've found the dog house construction is heavier and more insulated than most coops, and more reasonably priced.
I have modern game birds, seramas, and other bantams. This probably works best for smaller chickens like I have. They sure do love their homes!
Because winters can be cold, I have run electricity into each coop. I use clamp on small fans when it's hot, and a black 100 watt bulb in the winter. If you put holes in the house, snakes can get inside. This has worked for me.

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