Tragedy - processing possibilities?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by dogrepair, Oct 12, 2012.

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    Yesterday a family of raccoons attacked our MW tom. The flesh wounds seem relatively minor (two nickel sized lacerations) but when we found him he was almost unconscious, and he seems completely unable to balance, so Im assuming some kind of catastrophic neurological damage. I'm devastated.

    Since it seems like slaughter is the only humane option at this point, I am wondering if we can eat him - perhaps as a batch of turkey sausage if the carcass is too damaged for roasting.

    I've never butchered a bird for eating after an attack - is there any reason not to do it? Is there anything I should be looking for?

    And of course, if anyone thinks he is healable.. well obviously that would be the most ideal solution.
  2. Scottingitup

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    If after a day or so his balance has not come back - it probably won't. You can process just have to avoid the bruised areas.
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    It sounds like he could be in shock... Can you put him someplace warm and quiet? I had a rooster that was attacked, dead looking and that's what I did for him. Within a couple of days he was better.
  4. Oregon Blues

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    They are tougher than you think.

    If he were mine I'd put him someplace warm and quiet and see if he recovers. He doesn't sound badly injured, unless he has severe neck injuries that aren't visible.

    Of course that does give the risk of having him die. If you want to butcher, it should be fine to eat him. I'd cut away the areas right around the wounds. He would have been badly stressed and frightened and that is not ideal for butchering, so the meat perhaps will not be quite as good. It won't be any worse than store bought, though. I understand what a terrible financial loss it is to lose a turkey.
  5. jandlpoultry

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    Sep 15, 2012
    I wouldn't chance it. Raccoons carry several diseases that humans can catch.

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