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    In a couple weeks, I plan to get an LGD puppy (Great Pyrenees, most likely). Before then, I want to learn as much as possible about training the dog to guard my chickens. We have 90 acres, although I want the chickens to stay mostly in our yard and around the barn. Guarding the chickens will be the LGDs only job. Does anyone have any suggestions for books, videos on training LGDs? Thanks!
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    I can provide based on personal experience. Hopefully pup less than 8 weeks of age. Confine pup in coop or run with adult chickens that are calm natured. If concern about pup causing harm, have partition or fence between them at first. Encourage pup to eat in close proximity to birds. Keep them together continously for next few weeks. If chicks introduced later, then do it slowly so that the novel stimulus provided by chicks is not too exciting. Keep inteactions low key.

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