Training Chickens to use horizontal nipple waterer

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by animalgrl, Nov 4, 2015.

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    Jun 7, 2015
    I just bought a waterer with horizontal nipples. I put it out for the birds on Sunday morning, tried showing them how to use it (but they just ran away from my hand) and then removed their normal waterer. I went out about 3 hours later, tried sprinkling some scratch on the ground around the nipples and then touching the nipples to show them water came out, but they ignored the water nipples. My EE did peck once in the general vicinity of the nipple, but then lost interest. I gave them back their normal waterer and they immediately both went to it to drink, confirming what I thought - that they had not figured out the nipple waterer. I've left both waters out every day since, because I'm not home during the day to confirm that they are using the nipple waterer. I would like to get them using it this weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions? Would putting a piece of corn or sunflower seed in the little nipple resevoir so that they have to tap the nipple to get it work? I'd like to hear how others have taught their chickens.
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    I didn't need to do anything - just took out the old "slop jar" and hung the other. Finally one came over to investigate, pecked at it, drank from it and presto - training time over. I've seen a chicken stare at a droplet of water on the leaf of a bush for the longest time before deciding that it was something she wanted, gulp that drop down and instantly 10 other chickens were at her side looking at leaves. Silly chickens! Now I start even brand new chicks on nipple waterers - vertical ones for the first few days and once I know they have it then they get horizontal. Chickens' survival instincts are pretty strong - if they want water, they'll find it.
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    Try shining a lazer light on the nipple. We just bought vertical water nipples, so I'll be having the same problem soon.

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