Training Dogs to 'Go' in only one part of yard.


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Oct 30, 2009
Grand Island, NE
I am urban. My back yard is fenced in. I have 2 golden retrievers and I am planning on building my coop and run this spring.

My dilema - My dogs have had free rein over the backyard for about 6 years now. They do their business anywhere and everyhere which we pick up more on a weekly basis than daily basis.
I would like to reclaim my grassy backyard - I plan on being out there a lot more when I get the chicks.

My question is - How do I train the dogs to only use a certain part of the yard and leave the rest poo free?

Any and all opinions on this subject would be mightily appreciated.

Ours go in the back part of their fenced in area....but they have been encouraged to do that all along.
Probably the only way you might get your dogs to cooperate with the new rule is to be out there each time they go to the bathroom?
It cant hurt to try.
Mine have a dog pen that we built... we let them in there to "go potty" ... and hang out during the daytime...
when they are in the backyard..they will usually go back inside their pen to go ....
I'd say put up a dog pen for them...
Most effective way would be to basically act like you are potty training a puppy. Follow all the rules for timing when to take them out and such and only take them out on leash to that part of the yard. Then praise a ton when they go in the correct area. Eventually it becomes habit. Having a pen of some type would make it easier. Even just marking the corner off with boards or something would define the area more for them. This does mean though you have to supervise all the time they are outside and go in and out with them every time they need to. Time consuming. Disciplining a dog for pottying where they shouldn't has a lot of negative consequences. Generally the dog just quits pottying when you are near and it takes forever to get them to go then and you end up having to supervise even more closely so not really effective. You have to set them up to succeed and not allow them opportunities to potty where you don't want them to.

Probably not worth the effort. Chickens will enjoy scratching up dog poo and it will do them no harm. Dogs will enjoy eating chicken poo too. This is something you have to accept about animals.
I am looking forward to spending time outside with my chickens each morning and evening. I like the idea for a run for the dogs. I could take them out every morning to their run, enjoy my chickens, toss the ball a few times andeveryone is happy.

Thanks for the encouragement that it can be done.

I really want my backyard back.


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