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    Jun 16, 2010
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    I am getting a SQ 4 month old Partridge Silkie pullet and have been reading on showing I want her to be cage calm and Judging Well what should I do to have a nice Calm SQ Bird? Any tips/pointers would be great!

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    Jan 26, 2010
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    I'm glad that you asked that question. I would like to know, also. I have a 2 year old rooster that I want to put in a show and he's never been in a cage. I put him in a rabbit hutch to take his picture and he was very stressed. I'm hoping that it's possible to train an older bird.

  3. I-Have-Happy-Hens

    I-Have-Happy-Hens Songster

    Jun 16, 2010
    Carrboro, NC
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    Jul 10, 2010
    When we start to cage train a show bird the best thing for us,is to handle them every day.We set up show pens at home.Every day we move the birds in and out letting them spend some time in the pens around other birds.I also give them gains burger dog food as treats while they are in the show pens.You want them to relate the pens with something good insted of being stressful.Always make them come to the front of the pen to get the treats.You want the bird at the front of the pen showing off wanting a treat when they are being judged.Thats just the way we do things.Some others may have other suggestons.
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