Training Jacob?


7 Years
Jul 29, 2012
Jacob the house quail is incredibly bored at the moment, as the rest of her flock was murdered in the great quail massacre of 2012. She wouldn't live with any other birds we tried to put her with, so we decided to bring her inside, and she now thinks she is a human lol. We try to give her things to do all the time, like a pumpkin or hanging lettuce, put she destroys them in seconds and starts to bang on her cage door to be let out.

She is incredibly friendly, because she was hand raised, but not by me. We were given the flock by some friends that decided they couldn't bring themselves to kill the sweet little things.

Would it be possible to train her to come for food when I call her name? because she looks so sad sat in her cage, even though it is massive, she just sits, and sits, eats, drinks, and sits. But when we let her out, she runs around the room like mad and even though she doesn't mind being picked up, my parents get a bit mad if I'm running around the room to catch her at 9pm

And if that isn't possible, could anybody suggest some more ways of keeping her occupied? Or maybe another animal that she could have as a house mate?

Any advice would be appreciated.

I give my pen of young males a rubber ball to play with. I think they just ignore it, but it entertains >>me<<. Some people hang CDs up for bobwhites to help with aggression. You could try some small cage bird toys for parakeets and such. How about a mirror or one of those fuzzy fleece cuddle buddies they have for parrots.

Birds are hard to predict (kind of like human babies), something they love might not be loved by the next little personality, so you have to try a bunch of things until you find the right kind.

How about millet (sounds like that will last about 2 minutes). You could try the parakeet or finch treat sticks. At least Jacob will have to work for the seeds and it will last longer.

I'm sure you could train her. Just need to find the proper treat and call her name as you give it to her. Then when you call she will associate it with a treat.
Ty very very much.

Oh yeah, we just found out about half an hour ago that her new favourite pastime is....drumroll please.......pecking curtains! it makes a pretty wierd scritchy noise, keeps her occupied. She still has to be out of the cage though.

Looks like another visit to Pets at Home lol. Ill try some different things. So far i have only used food treats, and it will be fun to see what she makes of 'toys'. I think a mirror is first in line.
Well if she likes the sound of the curtains when she pecks them then maybe something with different types of fabric samples she can peck at?

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