Training my hens NOT to be so noisy so early


12 Years
Apr 29, 2011
Lloyd Harbor
Is this possible?
I usually let them out of their coop by 8am, and then they're happy. But when I start to hear the cackling at 6am, it drives me crazy and I am just hoping my neighbors aren't hearing it. Sometimes I just wait around in bed and don't go out until 7:45 to show them that no matter how much noise they make they're not coming out until 8. Other times I go outside and let them out and then get 1-2 more hours of sleep. It is usually always my bully of the group - the cantankerous one. Can I train them to just wait for me quietly to be let out for the day? Not expecting total silence but something.
Any of your veterans please help this New Egg out.

Yours wait until 6am? Oh, you're so lucky! Mine start some time after 5am and it doesn't matter whether they're in or out. My coop door is not shut at night since their yard is secure, so they can come out whenever they want to. Lately that has been some time after 5am and they then wander around cackling until they're quite sure everyone is awake.
Ha! That was funny. Thanks for making me feel lucky

It brings up something else, though, about having a secure yard. I close the coop door every night because I want to ensure their safety. Does a secure yard necessarily mean having a netting covering the run? Their run space is fenced in (6 ft fence) and thats about this considered secure enough to keep the coop door open at night? I didn't think so, which is why I lock them in each night.
The only aerial predator I am worried about is hawks or possibly eagles, although they're rare around here. Since hawks and eagles aren't around at night, I'm not worried about lack of netting. I would think you'd be safe leaving the door open with a secure fence on the run. It is completely up to you though as only you know what predators are in your area at night and how secure your run fencing is....
ooo thanks Cobrien--i will try that. How would I do that? I'm thinking a dark colored tarp thrown over the coop loosely to keep ventilation flowing.
That is safe from maybe dogs, and that's all I can think of. Every predator that likes chickens have an annoying agility when it comes to climbing. Raccoons and Opposum are tree dwellers, climbing is a breeze. Cats fit in that category too. I'm afraid there's not much point to just covering the sides and not the top.
UGH. Count me in on this problem. I'll be having a GREAT dream, and what do I hear? bawk...bawk..bawk..BA GAWK!!! Once one hen starts, they alllllll chime in. I wouldn't mind if they sounded like little song birds...
My 3 hens wake up at sunrise (close to 5am these days). Even if I lock them in the coop where it's dark, they hear the other birds chirping and must know that it's time to wake up. If I don't let them out to free range, they will BAWK up a storm and make me nervous as heck because they aren't legal, and my neighbor has already complained about the early morning noise. They will BAWK even if they're free to access the run early in the morning. They want OUT to forage my large fenced yard. I wish someone would have warned me how loud hens were. I thought it was only the roosters that made loud noises. If I don't hear them squawking, I usually let them out at 7am. If they wake me up at 5am, I have to dash outside half asleep, let them out, throw them some scratch or treats, and hope they'll be somewhat content and quiet until at least 7am. If I hadn't fallen in love with them, they'd totally be gone due to all the stress they cause me with their loud noises and my angry neighbors. Apparently, 1/2 acre lots are not enough buffer for the noise of 3 little hens.

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