Trampled & Skinny Pullet — Thanks for helping


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Jun 15, 2020
TyCo, West Virginia
Hi, I found one of my salmon faverolle pullets ( 21 weeks old ) with twine off of one of the hanging feeders around her feet and sprawled on her side yesterday morning. Where she was at one the floor had to be where everyone was at the door waiting to be let out, so I have no doubt she was stepped on quite a bit. I thought she was dead at first because she wasn’t making any noise until I picked her up and she made these soft “eeerrr”s at me.

When I picked her up, I noticed she was awfully skinny, so I think there might be something else going on too. I brought her inside, put her in a spare brooder tent ( literally a kids pop up tent, lol ) and gave her food & water. She’s eating & drinking on her own ( she’s laying down and eating as I type this ), but it’s not a whole lot. I put corid in her water, because I wasn’t sure if her skinniness was due to coccidiosis?

Anyways, she can stand up and walk around, but she still seems pretty stiff and weak when she walks. Is there anything else I can do for her? I’ll attach pictures of her & some of her droppings, but my phone doesn’t take the greatest pictures in lowlight.

EDIT: Because I ramble: I think there’s something else going on/some underlying thing going on too. I’m not sure what it is


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Does she seem to be able to see ok?

I would give her another day to see if she perks up. Do make sure she's eating/drinking well.
Yeah, she can see just fine. Flies sometimes get in the house as soon as a door opens and when they get into her brooder, she’ll watch them, so I know she can see.

She seems to be better than yesterday, but I think she’s still stoved up. Do you think I should try giving her baby aspirin or is it a bad idea since I’m giving her the corid in her water?

As for eating, she seems to be doing okay but her crop isn’t too big by the end of the day. I’d love to monitor her more closely, but I’ve been working.
Just keep with what you are doing.

I'm just not a fan of giving any type of pain relief. That may sound cruel, but chickens will self limit activity based on pain level and they seem to heal more quickly that way. Masking pain is not always best practice.
Okay, that makes sense. How long to you think it’ll take for her to bounce back ( if she does )? After I finish treating her with corid, do you think I should give her anything else like vitamins & electrolytes before letting her back out with everyone?

Also, I’m curious: why did you ask if she could see? And: do you think her poop indicates anything?

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