transition cuasing delay in laying

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    We got some one year old hens from someone, a blue cochin, a barred rock and a buff orphington( we also got an americana, but she flew over the 6 foot fence [​IMG] that was very sad- I keep hoping she will wander back our way, but it has been about 30 hours now)
    very nice birds- but it has been two weeks and no eggs
    I know that when you move and transition hens that they can stop laying- but for two weeks? I am worried they will get sick from not laying
    They are locked up in their coop every night- nothing in their laying box- one laying box for the three of them, and no other birds in the coop with them
    I am wondering first, if they are way older than the year I was told and are just not laying well anymore, but nothing at all in three weeks?
    Then I am wondering if they are just laying during the day out in the yard? Like I will some day find a fern nest with a ton of eggs?
    .... or that I just need to keep being patient?
    OH! They do not get fed in their coop( I want to keep mice and rats out of their coop) so I am only feeding them outside during the day... maybe that is where I am going wrong?
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    I was told to give them a month when I bought my year olds. It took 2 weeks to get a few eggs but within a month they were all laying.
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    Moving them will cause them to stop laying. When they start again is not predictable.

    I keep food available 24/7 in my hen house. They are awake and moving when the sun comes up and I may not always be. They also will eat mice and such. They are omnivores. Meat is a natural part of their diet.

    Check around outside. They may have a place they are laying in. Just because you have a nest box in your hen house doesn't mean they will use it.

    Hens usually lay on a 25 hour cycle. Some hens lay like clockwork at the same times daily. Other don't.

    I would lock them in the hen house for at least 48 hours, checking for eggs every few hours, just to know for sure what is going on with them. It is not unheard of to have an egg eating hen either.
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    The same thing happened to me when I got my year old bantam rose combs. I waited and waited and waited....and waited and then one day (three and a half weeks later) I noticed her running back and fourth from the coop to the flock and clucking loudly. She was looking for a spot and she wound up in the nesting box (which I didn't even think she knew it was there)

    so it'll work itself out. have faith!

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