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    I've had my two chicks for a month now. I've successfully cared for them in a brooder, looked after their conditions, and treated to their needs. Now as my chicks grow older I need another set of guidelines to raise them as 'adolescents' and I have a few questions regarding it.

    1. How much longer do they need the heat lamp? I live in an area where the days are semi warm and the nights are relatively cool. The heat lamp has been raised a lot and I'm not sure if it still has any effect.

    2. When do they leave the brooder? How much longer do they need to be in the brooder?

    3. Where's a good place to get a coop if not making one? Where do you get the materials to build a coop?

    4. When can I sex them accurately based on what criteria?

    Thanks a lot BYC community! Sorry for the newbie questions.
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    Once they feather out 4-5 weeks they can go outside....if it's really cold at night you can put a heat lamp out there at night but they stay pretty warm with their feathers. above freezing they would be fine without one. Tractor supply has coops already made or look on craigslist usually there are some on there. If you are building one you can get your wood from Home depot or lowes or cheaper on craigslist. your wire you can check tractor supply or a co op.

    depending on breed some chicks as early as 2 weeks the roo's combs are alot bigger than the hen if you post pics you may get some help. Silkie's take a much longer time to figure out if its a roo or a hen.

    a roosters legs will get red streaks, they have a saddle, they are bigger than the hens, feathers come to a point
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