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I have recently moved my girls from my dining room to their newly remodeled coop. These are first ones I've ever raised so I don't have a lot of experience with chickens. The problem I'm having is getting them to sleep in their roost. Their first night in the coop was spent under their house and not inside. The second night (last night) I put them all inside and blocked off the exit ramp in hopes that they'd figure it out. Didn't work. When I went to let them out this morning I found them huddled up in a corner of the house. The roosts were never touched.

I there something I need to do to get them to sleep in their new home?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
Sometimes it takes a while for them to get used to the roosts.
And it depends on age as well.

Only about half of mine use the roosts at all.
The other half prefer to sleep huddled up in a lump on the floor.

I just let 'em do as they feel led.

Chickens sometimes have to be VERY comfortable with a situation before they'll try it and they usually wait for someone to try it first.

We had to pick our girls up and put them inside the first 3 nights in the new coop. I have no idea where they slept.

Last night we went out 1/2 hour later than normal and it was already fairly dark. All 6 were inside and 3 were on roosts.
You can keep them in the coop for the first few days. This will allow them to get used to idea that it is where they are supposed to sleep. Also, you can make a ladder roosting pole. This allows them to climb up to the higher levels. Is it possible the roosting bar is too high for them?
I have 3 hens and 2 sleep on the roost. I really don't care where they sleep as long as their healthy, happy, and giving me some eggs.

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