Transitioning To Coop

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6 Years
Dec 3, 2013
This is our first time raising chickens. We got 5 of various breeds when they were a few days old. They are now 8 weeks and we have moved them into their coop this past weekend. It is a coop/run combo that is fenced on the sides and top. The drawback I'm finding is that I can't walk inside any part of it since the roof is about 4 feet tall. At night they are sleeping under the coop instead of inside it. I tried moving them inside the coop but they are in a spot I can't reach without using a broom to move them toward me. This seems to cause them stress. They are completely safe anywhere they sleep in the run so should I even try putting them into the coop at night or let them pick where they like? I hear they are creatures of habit as far as returning to the coop at night so I want to make sure I get them into the right routine.

Am I overthinking this? Will they find their way to the coop to lay eggs when they mature? I don't want to crawl under the coop to retrieve eggs which is their preferred sleeping spot it seems.
As they are still not full grown is the coop large enough to keep them in for a few days? Shut the door to the run and only give them access to the coop so that they get accustomed to sleeping in their first. It is just an idea. Good luck!

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