Translucent egg shells I NEED HELP


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My hens (9) have just reached 17 weeks of age. i have been getting an egg every other day. Twice now I've gotten an egg with a translucent shell. I can see right through the entire egg. I'm still getting the one egg from the other hen with no problem (other than it's the size of a golf ball).

I have pictures but I'm not sure how to upload them.

Any help is appreciated.
i believe you have to have 10 posts before you can upload any pictures.

have you tried adding calcium? crush up egg shells or get some oyster shells or something like that and just throw it down for them so they can pick at it when they want it? i have no idea what else it could be caused from...
really? mine eat grass all the time and i haven't noticed an issue...

oh, and yes, are they eating layer feed??
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This is normal for hens to lay a soft shell egg sometimes when they first start laying. Don't be suprise if you find really small eggs from time to time. I think your hens are just fine.
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Yes they have been eating Layer Feed for about a month now. I also let them run free in the yard whenever I'm around. I also give them cracked corn as a treat. I will give the calcium a try. Is that something I can get at the feed store? Do i put it out like I do the grit, in a pan?
My hens are 24 weeks now and all are laying regularly.. Occasionally I STILL get a softshelled egg I can see right through - even with the oyster shell. I wouldn't worry if I were you. I bought my oyster shell at the feed store. I always have some laying at the bottom of my girls feeder - like an inch or so. That way they always have access if they want it. I've seen a bunch of people on here just put it in a separate feeder too... as long as it's available when they want it!

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