Transporting 10-day old chicks?


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Jan 27, 2010
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I had some extra chicks that I placed a "For Sale" ad for. A buyer called that lives roughly 1-hour away, wanting to come pick 5 of them up. Will they be ok making a trip like that with no heat lamp? I'd like to sell them, but only if I know they'll be ok. Never sold chicks before, and just want to do what's ethical. Thanks.


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May 3, 2008
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Im not sure, but I will try to help on this. If you put them in a small box or whatever container to transport it should keep enough of their heat in. I would think they should be warm enough if the person keeps a good heat amount in the car and has a brooder set up and ready at home. Edit: For some reason read that as 5 hours away, must have got the # of chicks mixed in lol. They should be fine then
as long as the car is relatively warm and can be put in a brooder once home.

hopefully someone with experience on this can help more.
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Sep 16, 2008
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Yep, they'll be fine! I had some week old chicks make a 2 day car trip to their new home, and they had handwarmers in with them which don't keep it nearly as warm as a heat lamp, made it just fine. I'd even take them 3-4 hours without heat, especially with 5, they'll keep each other warm.

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