Transporting Eggs?


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Nov 24, 2015
Novato, CA
Hello everyone,
I recently acquired two fertilized chicken eggs and now they are on day 8, incubating in a styrofoam set-up. I'm going home for Thanksgiving today, and the drive is about an hour. I'm wondering if it is safe to transport embryos at this stage, and how to do so? Any help is appreciated! This is my first time hatching chicks and I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
How long are you going to be gone for? it would be better if you could get someone to egg-sit for you but I understand if you can't find anyone.
They should be alright, hens will often get off the nest for several hours at a time. Just make sure they are secure and not rolling around. And it would help to wrap the incubator in a blanket or something to help keep as much heat inside as possible.

Also, I would consider trying to set a few more eggs if possible, or find someone you know that has some hatching around the same time. Anything can happen and if you end up with a single chick, it will be very lonely. If you just so happen to have a broody hen, you may be able to get her to adopt it so it won't be lonely either, but that's not a guarantee...

Good luck!

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