Transporting Fertile Eggs - Will they survive?


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Sep 13, 2014
I want to import some fertile quail eggs to the Middle East from US or UK, if I do this through a normal courier are any likely survive in a viable state. Tempratures en route are likely to vary from 10(aircraft hold) to 30deg C (if left outside)

I am looking for Jumbo Brown, harlequin and Japanese.
All you can do is try. Who knows? You'll want to choose the country that has the quickest shipping times and if possible the least number of transfers (from trucks to planes etc.) as well as the route that will have the eggs Xray'd the fewest times.

Temp, humidity, and xray machines can all affect the embryo. As well as rough handling or being placed upside down.

You have a lot of factors to consider.
Need to get an import licence I will need to check. There are Jumbo Quail eggs here in the supermarket may try to hatch them I hear it is possible.

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