Trauma/Bump on chicks shoulder

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7 Years
Sep 30, 2012
First time chicken owners here.

It looks like there is some kind of injury to one or our baby chicks one day after we brought them home from Tractor Supply. She is just a few days old now.

Her behavior seems pretty normal but she has some kind of bump on her shoulder that has no covering on it now. It must have happened in the last 12 hours. Doesn't seem to be bleeding - more of a bruise/bump.

She is eating chick starter from TS and drinking normally. Poop seems normal from what I can tell. No treatment so far. I sat and watched them all for a while to make sure they weren't picking on her or anything. She does seem to peck at the area a little but not too much.

Housing is a plastic brooder with heat lamp on one side and plenty of room for the chicks to go away from the heat lamp as well. The heat lamp is on a dimmer and I don't think they are too hot. Bedding is pine shavings.

It's pretty hard to see anything in the picture but it's loaded here just in case.
it just sounds like it has a full crawl. this is normal as long as it doesn't have any neurological or breathing problems. as long as it eats, drinks, poops and stays active you should be fine.

if it quits eating, massage the area lightly a few minutes a couple times a day.

let me know if there is any change


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