Traumatized chicken?

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    So there was a commotion and suddenly all of my birds were running to the other side of the yard screaming. I go out to check and make sure something hasn't attacked them and quickly take a head count. Everyone was accounted for but they were spread out and looking as if something had attacked them. No feathers or anything found.

    But then one of my girls started walking with a limp and in a circle with her head turned as if she were trying to look where she was going with one eye. She would limp/hobble in a circle and walked sideways, barely able to do so. Then she laid down on her feet and the other girls came over and started pecking at her.
    So I went to inspect her. No wounds or anything and she laid there with her leg twitching and her tail twitching. Her head kinda shook like maybe her little world was spinning and she was trying to watch it.
    I decided that I'd place her inside the coop out of sight from the others so I could get the dog crate down and bring her inside. I picked her up and she freaked out and flapped, then settled. I set her in the coop and she just stood there and clucked a few times but seemed way more relaxed. I got to the door to get the dog crate and heard her already outside of the coop. But she hopped down and started walking across the yard towards the others in a normal gait like nothing is wrong. Now she's pecking at the ground, drinking water as if nothing happened.

    I wonder if she just hit her head or something really scared her? It was like the coop was a reset button for her.
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    Jun 25, 2013
    N. Texas
    I thought this was the biggest chicken forum but I have to keep bumping to get questions answered lately?
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    Yes, it's the biggest chicken forum, but there are really only a few members that are available at any given time that can *actually* answer your question, especially about specific medical stuff.

    Everyone does the best they can to answer all the questions they can. ♡

    As for your mama, I would keep her confined for a few more days just to make sure she exhibits no more unusual behavior.

    Monitor her food and water intake to make sure she continues eating and drinking.

    Unfortunately, I can be of no more help than that. I'm sorry something happened to your girl, and I hate that you had to wait to have your situation addressed (even if only a little).

    I hope someone else can shed a little more light!

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    How is she doing now? Any repeats?

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