Treadle feeder - in or out?

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    Dec 10, 2016
    hello peeps!

    I am going to build a treadle/grandad feeder for my chooks but I am wondering about where to place it.
    I read conflicting info on having an indoor feeder, however I don't have a waterproof outdoor area to place it in.

    My question is: as I like to keep the chooks in longer in the morning in the coop to ensure no stray egg laying (when they decide to start...) I was thinking to place the feeder inside. The coop is set with automatic door opener (oh my, I love my automatic opener!!!)

    Q>> why should or shouldn't I?


    Also the water is fed by a nipple/dripper outside. Thinking to have one inside too - what do you think? I was very surprised that they all worked out how the nipples worked in a flash! they are about 12wks old.

    thanks for the help! R
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    For your situation, I would locate the feeder in the coop. Using a treadle feeder eliminates one potential negative of this which is attracting rodents or other opportunistic night feeders. If the birds are going to be confined for extended periods in the morning both feed and water need to be available inside the coop.
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