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Aug 15, 2010
I am on the verge of purchasing a galvanized treadle feeder. The main reason being the huge amounts of feed eaten by the wild birds in the yard, mainly sparrows. Does anyone else out there use it and is it worth the rather steep price? I have neither the time or the skill to build my own from scratch. Opinions please.....Thanks.
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I know the one you are referring too, and it is on my list for next year purchases when we get our chickens. It appears to be well made and I like that nothing can chew thru it. I think the price is well worth it if it keeps wild birds, squirrels, mice, etc from getting to the feed before the chickens do. It looks like it will last a lifetime. I just cannot decide on which size to get.
The only one I could find was from Grandpas. Looked high and low for more choices but no luck. I was thinking of getting the standard size for my 12 Hens and 1 Roo. They never seem to eat at the same time anyways.
I think you will find the metal treadle feeders well worth the price, even if the price seems steep. I too had a sparrow problem; they were eating more than my chickens were. When you consider that, it wouldn't take long to offset the cost of the feeder (especially if you feed organic). I searched for metal ones and really liked all of them that I saw (online). It seems that there are several brands being made and sold in the U.K. I ended up making my own from wood, but if I couldn't make one or didn't have the time, I would have bought one. BTW, my sparrow problem was over within a few days of deploying the feeder. The added benefit is it also keeps out rodents. If you end up buying one, please post pics and tell us about it. I'm very curious. Good luck!
It would all depend on how tight the lid fit. The larger fire ants probably couldn't get into the ones I made but I don't know about those tiny ones we have here. I think you could make a seal from felt or rubber or something around the cover. I noticed last night that I have a new active colony of fire ants near the coop and they were foraging next to the run where the feeders were, but weren't carrying any feed. I'm keeping an eye on them though and I'll let you know if they get in.
There's a treadle feeder made of wood on eBay right now, "Buy It Now" not auction, for $99.00. I think that's less than Grandpa's, isn't it? Of course, wood isn't as durable as is galvanized metal... but it's an option I am considering.

If I recall correctly, you can find it by searching on eBay for "chicken feeder." Check it out - perhaps it will serve your purposes.

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