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Mar 19, 2021
I'm looking for a small container 3-5gallons to hold the treats for the chickens (like the dried grubs, and seeds). I had a plastic Vault brand thing, but squirrels ate through it. I like to go out and give them a handful easily, instead of getting into the large metal container where all their feed is. It would be stored outside.
Any suggestions? Links would be super helpful.
Assuming you are storing it outside, if squirrels ate thru the Vault (I have a vittles vault in the garage, those things are fairly tough :(). Guessing you need a metal something. I do have a metal counter top composting bin, for dried spent coffee grinds. But, it's not a tight seal. Maybe a popcorn tin? Likely not airtight, but tighter (and larger) than my compost bin.


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