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5 Years
Feb 28, 2014
My chicks are about two weeks old. Growing and feathering out nicely. My question is, I bought a bag of freeze dried mealworms today when I picked up a 50# bag of feed(the 8# bag didn't last long. Lol). Can I feed them mealworms now or should I wait a bit still? Not alot, just a few here and there. I also have grit, should that be offered in a bowl also? Thanks guys and gals.
Yes, just put some grit in a bowl on the side. They will take the grit as needed. Try not to overfeed the treats, they are kinda like potato chips in our diet.
Thank you. Will feed sparringly. Just wanted to give them something different.
I would wait on the meal worms for a few weeks. The problem is that meal worms look just like chick toes and they can mistake the toes for these worms. Toe biting can become a very bad habit you will never break. After they have aged a bit, a small handful of worms each day is a great treat!

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