Treating Coryza

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    May 30, 2009
    Ok I know there are different schools of thought on the treating of poultry with anitbiotics... So this isn't about that.

    I bought several birds this past weekend at a show and believe they have Coryza. The terrible stinch around their head is the main reason I believe this but also they have pussy bubbles in the corners of their eyes and nasal discharge. Don't know why I didn't notice this at the the sale but I didn't....

    Anyway I have them in a seperate coop away from my main coop. I read somewhere to treat with tylan but my local farm and home doesn't carry it but someone said to use LA200 which is oxytetracyclene. I bought the LA200 and the article said to inject 1cc into the breast. I can't seem to find out how many doses.

    Does anyone know how many doses and how often???

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    I don't have an offical answer for you, but my vet told me that one should use antibiotics at least a couple of days after the infection has cleared up. This site might be helpful:
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    I believe you're dealing with coryza as well. Treat with sulmet also in conjunction w/ the LA200 injections. Scroll down to Infectious Coryza in this link:
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  4. davony's chicks

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    May 30, 2009
    Thank you both for your help! I have checked both sites out and they have great information. I have saved these in my favorites!

    Again thanks a million! I have done several searches on the topic and failed to find either of these 2 sites.

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