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    Aug 2, 2010
    I was wondering how I can treat for multiple issues...more than I already am. I had to worm with valbazen about a week and a half ago. Then I got a positive for cocci in a fecal sample I sent to the vet, so I am on my last of 5 days using Corid. I need to reworm again with Valbazen starting tomorrow to stay within the window of the reworming, and break the cycle, but my girls are sneezing this morning. They were a few days ago as well and I put some probiotic powder and honey in with some of their food and they seemed better. One of our wyandottes seemed to have a little bit of a watery eye a few days ago too, but that seemed to get better as well until this morning. They are sneezing again, and our wyandotte has a bit of a watery eye again and my son showed me a couple of tiny bubbles in her eye...I wouldnt have seen them if he hadnt shown me. She just has some dirt that sticks on her bottom eyelid because of the watering. So can I somehow treat for respiratory issues as well? I feel like I can't not reworm because when I only wormed with meds once in June and then followed it up with verm-x, they got worms again. I gave them more probiotics again today, but it is probably only a bandaid.

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