Treating sick chicks.. Egg question

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    Okay, so a good portion of my flock is sick. They have had diarreah and "foul" poop. I have been treating with antibiotics and most of it has cleared. I have oone or two that still have loose stools. I am going to move my girls this weekend and santize the coop.

    Anyways I have never dewored my girls and I am wondering if I should just go ahead and do so now. I already can't use thier eggs for 10 days or so. (This is not a big deal as I got my first egg in almost 6 weeks today)

    What should I use to deworm, and how long before we can start eating eggs from the girls after worming ends?
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    Okay what were you giving the antibiotics for--diarrhea or something else? Antibiotics can cause diarrhea after a few days, but other things like worms or coccidiosis, and others can also. Safeguard liquid goat wormer or horse paste is a good wormer, and Valbazen is also good. Give a pea sized amount of Safeguard paste or 1/2 cc/ml of the liquid, then repeat in 10 days for worm eggs. Throw out eggs for 14 days after last worming unless you want to eat traces of worm meds.

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