Treatment for lice/mites


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Jan 27, 2013
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I know this has been asked before I just want to make sure I know what I am doing. I want to treat my birds for bugs, what do I use, I figure I may as well worm them right away as well just for good measure. I was reading somewhere on here that you can make a dip to immerse the bird in rather than dusting then use the left over dip to spray down the coop, I was leaning toward this method rather than dust, but what do I use for that? Also how long do I toss the eggs after doing all of this? Does the wormer effect the eggs as well as the pesticide?
The liquid permethrin label has a dilution listed for spraying the birds with it (spray under wings and around vent but not in vent, back of neck). You can spray the coop too.

I have not ever dipped a bird though. I don't know if that would give them too much of it. I personally would not dip them...just spray them if you are avoiding dust.
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I am rather drawn to the sevin dust in a pillowcase for mites and lice, if there are any. I would imagine that dipping a chicken or two would be the most excitement you had all day.

Only if you can't hold on to a chicken, you grab them by the body with your hand's over their wings so they can't flap and fuss around, you obviously don't just grab them by the feet and stick them in a tub of liquid and let them have at it. Also it isn't dipping the birds in insecticide it is a very diluted mixture of permethrin. Geez you act like people are dipping birds in a vat of straight DDT concentrate or something.

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