Treatment for really wicked case of bumblefoot?

Brickman House

10 Years
Feb 24, 2009
Hi all,

I had a totally ugly, really ragged, SomeFormofProductionRed hen dumped on me a few months back. I isolated her, fed her up, got her healthy, and yeah. . . got really attached to her.

Suckerrrrrr, with a capital "S," here!

She came with a bad case of bumblefoot, and I followed the advice here to soak the scabs on her feet, squeeze out the plugs and pus, douse in disenfectant and wrap, changing wraps every day for a few days.

Unfortunately, it didn't help, and now the bumblefoot is back, or really more likely, never went away because I didn't get it all.

Anyone have any ideas for next steps? Avian vets are unheard of around here, so I'm on my own to help this one.

All help is much appreciated!

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