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May 18, 2011
Are 3 week old chicks old enough to given treats other than boiled egg (which they like) and yoghurt (which they don't). Would like to use treats to make them friendly to see humans, as suggested here. Know from our dog the power of treats!
Are they also old enough for grit now - and do they only get it with food that needs it? Any harm in giving it to them if they are not eating insects, greens etc?
My feed store sells packages of dried meal worms, not live! I don't know about giving them to 3 weekers, though. Someone with more experience will have to answer that.
Petsmart or Petco carry live meal worms. (Check which size they are though. They might be the huge ones which are great for adults). Walmart sells some too, if you go to where their fishing and hunting supplies are. I gave live worms to my chicks last year, but I forget how old they were. It is hysterical to see them freak out for them though.
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My broody is feeding her babies (3 days old) mulberries fresh from the tree (she munches them to mush first). So, I'd say you'd be fine with treats. Just make sure that if the food needs "chewing" or is hard they have gotten chick sized grit first. Just make sure treats are treats and not meals for nutritional purposes.
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