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grants chickens

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May 8, 2015
. Hi my names grant. Have been keeping chickens for a few years now. But new to this site. This is one of my favourite cockerels. He is 8 months old and is a tri coloured silkie. Please let me know what you think.
H Grant! Welcome to BYC! I hope you find everything you need.

Your cock is gorgeous!! I'd post a pic of him and a silkie thread. People there will be much more help
Beautiful cockerel you may also want to post his photo at "Paint Silkies," thread. I don't think there has been a tri color paint - he is very unique. What color were the parents. Do you have any more like him? Hopefully he will produce some.
Hi thank you. I think I have put on the silkie thread. Thank you for the help and making me feel welcome. I do have another but the makings are not as good. But is a couple of months younger. The gold didn't actually start to show until it was about 4 months but colour is showing more everyday.

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