Trial and Error of a Broody Hen... Petunia is BROODY!!!


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9 Years
Apr 24, 2010
Hey everyone! My little White Leghorn hen Petunia is BROODY!!! She has been trying to sit on the eggs for a few days now, but we've always braved taking them. She bites, too. It hurts. After we take them, she squacks her head off. Poor thing. Well, today I went out early this morning to clean the coop and collect eggs. The favorite nest box is the first one where everyone waits in line to lay. I peeked in and sure enough, there was Petunia! She yelled at me and used her beak to push the eggs further under her and guarded them with her wings. "Ok, ok." I gave up. I let her keep them. When my grandparents got home I asked my grandma to let Petunia keep the eggs. She said yes, but my pap said no. So, my grandma snuck 4 eggs into the second box for Petunia to sit on, undisturbed. Behind my pap's back. We will give her 4 or 5 every day for about three days. Stick with me while Petunia goes through the trial and error of a broody hen. And, I'm gonna need ALOT of help along the way, as this is my first broody. Thanks!

This is Petunia:


ETA: She is sitting on mostly AL/RSL eggs, one WL/RSL egg and highly unlikely, a BSL/RSL egg. Tomorrow I will give her more AL/RSL, another WL/RSL and maybe there will be a BSL/AL in the mix.
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Thanks! I will get pics ASAP of her in the nest, her clutch and when they hatch, the chickies!! Lets pray shes a good mom!
I'm glad you are letting her have babies. I had a BA go broody in March. She hatched out 7 mixes. 5 cockrels and 2 pullets. We rehomed all but 1 boy and I think I'm gonna keep him. They are barred rock mixes. I hope little Pong is as good a rooster as his daddy Peng.
It is so hot outside, the eggs could incubate themselves! Literally! Thats good, cause Petunia doesnt wanna sit on them very much cause it is so hot. Ginny helped her out a bit though, by taking a shift. LOL!
Lol, it's really hot here too! My Easter Egger, Bell'e was laying an egg and she just looked miserable!! I was singing her songs, and dipping a little water on her comb to make her happier though

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