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Apr 3, 2009
Hodges, S.C.
I am wanting to make a triangle coop for my 10 chickens and want to make it at least 6 foot high. Does anyone have any pics of a coop that size? Would that even work i would lovee yalls help. thanks
I have an A-frame coop, that I bought as a kit from I'm at work right now, but when I get home, I'll post a pic of it for you. The only thing is, with mine, I would only put say, three regular sized hens in it, or six bantams. They say it will fit 5-7 large breed chickens in it, but I seriously think that's too small.

Now, you can make the coop 6 feet tall, but just make it longer.......and that might work for ya. Anyhow, I'll get those pics for you today, but it'll be in the evening!

Have a great day!
Hmm.. This sounds like a brilliant idea! I need to make a chicken palace for my hens this summer, they're currently bunking out in my future goat barn LOL.

Would you work the square footage the same as a regular coop, or not because it'd be like a slanted roofed bedroom with not as much "living space" as a conventional coop.

I have 11 chickens (10 hens and 1 rooster) and I love the idea of making an a-frame coop like the OP.

You could also do it like a chalet, with knee walls on the sides to accomodate your pop-door and give them more head height in those wasted space areas.
Are these 10 standard size chickens? I have two small(5 ft. wide by 8ft. long...not quite sure how high?) A-frame tractors with attached nesting boxes that my Hubby built for me last summer...but I have to say that my "big girls"(cochins & orpingtons) go a little stir crazy in I only use them for the banty's breeding pens right now. I would NOT put more than 5 banties in one of these pens! Are you going to free range you chickens at all b/c this has alot to do with the size of the coop as well. For 10 standard size chickens you are going to need a BIG A-Frame or any coop for that matter. I'm attaching the pics of mine and also the pic of a NICE coop(although not an A-Frame that someone else on here built)..just for ideas. Blessings, Keri



If you search roofed coops you may be able to find the person that built the one above!'s mine that I use as breeding pens(but they do get free range time as well)
How about rather than an a-frame, doing something like a Chalet.

After reading your thread and looking in the coops section we came across this coop, gorgeous as it is, is way too big for us (I think its like 16ft long?). If you have knee walls that allow your chickens to use that wasted space you often get with an a-frame building then you can realistically build something around 6x8 or 8x10.

We're going to do an 8x10ft Chalet style coop, high enough at the peak to get a store-bought steel entry door in, with probably a 2ft knee wall. Its easier for myself and my mum (both scared of heights!) to roof it, and ultimately it will save a little on materials.

With our winter weather, and my chickens free ranging most of the time, I'm also building a sun-porch for my hens to extend living space on days when they won't go out into the yard.

Anyway, good luck!

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