Trick for show birds!

nicole camp

6 Years
Dec 19, 2013
I've learned a couple tricks from showing so I thought I would post them.

#1 Wash you birds three days before so their oils can restore
#2 Put canola oil on the face to bring out the red
#3 Take your bird for short drives to prepare for traveling
#4 Give delicious treats when first introducing show cages
#5(Best for last) Feed you rooster or hen start to finish pig feed throughout a couple weeks before the show, mixed in with the feed.
Here's some more good advice:

Don't feed yellow corn, especially white birds- gives them a brassy hue
Dust a little baby powder on birds with white earlobes to keep their earlobes clean
After washing chickens, you can blow dry chickens that have loose feathering like Silkies, but let other breeds naturally dry in a draft free warm room (not near a heater, their feathers will curl if they dry too fast).

Taken from the book Storey's Guide To Raising Chickens. :D

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