Tried "free ranging" today

cindy parker

5 Years
Apr 18, 2014
Sylvania Georgia
Since my coop/run is completely covered and doesn't have any grass/dirt for my 4 girls to eat, I decided to take them out and put them in a 20x20 dog pen we have where there is plenty to eat. They seemed terrified and eventually hid under a ramp that leads inside of our garage through a doggy door. They pecked around for a minute, one tried to escape, then they all hid. I'm hoping this is just because it is new to them. I'm getting a 10x10 pen next week strictly for the chickens and will have it predator proof so I won't have to stand there with them the entire time they are out, but I was just wondering if this was normal. They were quite happy to go back to their coop when I took them back:)
Yes, this is normal. Today I gave my chickens some lettuce from the garden.....they were afraid of it. Silly chickens.
It was gone by the end of the day. How old are your chickens?
It took my chickens about 3 days before they started coming out of their coop and into their run without any hesitation. I had kept them in there coop until they were 7 weeks than we opened the door to the run for them to run free.

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