Trio of Seramas (Frizzle, smooth, and frizzle gene)


12 Years
Aug 26, 2007
North Carolina

I have a trio of seramas available. The rooster is a beautiful buff color and he carries the frizzled gene, he is extremely small (I do not have an exact weight on him but I've been around seramas long enough to know he is at LEAST a class B) and has great type with nice vertical wings and a round chest. The frizzled white serama girl is also at least a class B if not A, she is the smallest one of the group by a long shot, she does have some pin feathers going on right now, I'm not sure why but they should grow back out fairly soon. The smooth speckled girl is the biggest of the group, she is class C or B but has good type. I will throw in another hen (Class B) for $30 with no extra shipping charge. I will have them wormed before they are sent to you. If I have left anything out or if you have any questions pm me.

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