Trip to the ER...salmonella!!!!


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May 15, 2009
Lake Charles, LA
Just want to remind everyone to not get laxed in proper hygeine. Long story so I'll give the condensed version....Friday night about 10 pm, hubby had to put the silkie roo in the house as he was blocking the entrance for a couple of the girls. He then picked up one the girls and put her in the house. He came inside and ONLY rinsed his hands and then proceeded to fix himself a sandwich. At about 1 a.m. he woke up with VERY severe cramps. By sat afternoon, had bloody stool and severe cramping and body aches. Trip to the ER pretty much confirmed salmonella. He's better but is still not feeling 100%. He got very careless after tending to the chickens and this was the result. Just wanted to remind everyone that although we do love our chickens, we must be very careful and aware that we can get sick from handling them.....
Thanks for the reminder...
I am a bit lax too sometimes..
So what do they actually DO for you as far as treatment goes???

Coz I've always been under the impression that a healthy immune system is all you really need, drink fluids and all that jazz, same as any other case of food poisoning....
Last time I had salmonella, I was ill for a month and had to undergo an array of cruel and unusual tests (they thought it was everything *but*)...

What they did discover was my esophagus abnormality, totally random, but what a waste of money. And all for a tainted vegetarian taco. Sheesh.

Hope he's feeling better soon.
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antibiotics....they gave him a dose through IV in the ER and sent him home with a prescription. The nurse said this was a very srong antibiotic. Must be as it's a once a day for 7 days.

I don't know about recovery on your own. Not a chance I'm willing to take though. My husband is very healthy. He very rarely gets sick. When he does though, it's usually a doozy!!!

He's still pretty weak, but he is getting better. THANK GOD!!!!!!
I hope he feels better soon. It is no fun to be sick. My husband thinks that I get allittle to overbaring with the hand sanatizer and then washing well when we come in but this confirms that I am not. I have 2 little ones and I worry that something like this could happen so I really inforce strict clean up.
we only have 1 week olds and i have a huge bottle of that hand sanitizer stuff and i make sure my kids use it after everytime they touch the chickens. and they are pretty good at using it everytime. but i still remind them just incase. good luck to your husband.
There was not enough time from 10 pm until 1 am for that to be the source of his salmonella poisoning. Everything I can find says that symptoms appear 12-72 hours afterwards. So the source of his infection is probably elsewhere--lunchtime on Friday being about the latest possible exposure time, and it could have been as much as three days earlier.

However, your point of being careful about hygiene is a good one, and to be on the safe side, you should probably have your birds tested for salmonella. They could still have been the source, just not late Friday night.

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