Trouble hatching silkies!

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    Sep 1, 2012
    I have been hatching out EE's for quite some time with really great success. Then a few months ago we started to try and hatch some of our silkie eggs. We have only had one out 3 dzn+ eggs hatch and survive. They are fertile and fully developed. 90% make it to lockdown. Then, they die before piping. Incubated at 99-100 degrees with 50% humidity, automatic turner. then 99-100 dgrees with 60% humidity last three days not turning. Have had 90-100% hatch rate with my EE's doing this. Tried incubating same temp with 40% humidity then 50% during lockdown. Still great hatches with EE's but silkies not making it out. Any suggestions?

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    I would keep the humidity on the lower side.
    Add water in the beginning and then ONLY add water when the humidity drops more than 20% to bump it back up to 35-40%. During lockdown you can raise the humidity to 65% or more with no problems.

    Also, during the first 16 days, open the incubator (if you have a styro-bator) a few times a day for about 30 seconds. This lets in some fresh air and also helps cool down the eggs a tad bit. This would mimick the mother hen getting off the nest occasionally to relieve herself.

    Good luck on your future hatches!
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    Sep 1, 2012
    Thanks for the advice and the link. I'll certainly lower the humidity to 35-40% and try again. Hopefully we'll have better success.
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    I feel your pain...Silkies don't hatch well for me unless they're from a specific e-bay seller LOL For some reason hers always hatch for me and none of the others do.
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