Trouble with Hatching


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9 Years
Sep 25, 2010
I have tried to hatch eggs 5 different times trying 5 different ways. High humidity to start with 50% then lockdown at 65%. Then humidity at 40% lockdown at 70%. Then humidity at 40% temp at 100.4 ( temp in the first twq was 100.4) switch eggs from my 1588 Incubator to a little giant still air temp 100.8 humidity 75% and so on I only get 3 or 4 out of 12 to 18 eggs to hatch. There are chicks in most of the other eggs but they are dead. What am I doing wrong. I love hatching but not like this. Help.
I totally understand your frustration...I have along with most everyone else on here gone through it at some point or another. I set my temp at 99.5-100. and humidity 50-60% and at lock down 3 days prior to hatching increase my humidity to 65-70%...I have heard of some increasing it to 75%. pretty good ratio of hatching for me though. At first it was like 5% hatchrate and I felt like a loser, but then I started reading and learning more from other members here and books... Good Luck!

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