trouble with hatchlings

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8 Years
Jun 4, 2011
Briefly....three broody hens...fifteen healthy hatchlings between one white rock and one of the BOs.

My poor third mommy is having a tough time! She's well into a second 21 days (unsuccessful first round...not one of 5 hatched). This time the first chick looked like it had "skidded" out on its head! It had a huge sore covering almost the entire side of its head. Three days later I found it dead :(

Now a second came yesterday (perhaps in the night Wednesday). It doesn't seem to want to use its legs! It just kinda scoots around. I picked it up thinking its legs might be broken but when I felt
Them they seemed fine and wouwouldn't it have sqwaked like crazy if it hurt?

I'm at a loss...anyone have a clue?

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