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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Kleonaptra, Oct 25, 2015.

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    Little Leelu has been having trouble for weeks now. Her eyelid got ripped off by a nasty drake and barely escaped infection, it is still healing. Despite my attempts to keep him away from her he kept getting to her and I'm worried he's done some damage. She's looked awful the last week, ragged dirty feathers, last time she looked like this she was moulting and having trouble laying. My partner says he saw a 'stringy practise egg' hanging out of her yesterday, and he quarantined her for me. This morning like a fool I let her out. She vanished. I thought she was a goner. My partner found her late evening. I bathed her in warm water, I couldn't find her vent she was really upset so I left her in a box with vitamin rich food and clean water to rest. I will check again in the morning I'm very worried about egg blockage. My poor girl she's been through so much.
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    I would just make sure she's safe, with the nicest area you can give her, the best food, lots of fresh water, and TLC.

    I don't know what dosage is best, but consider some calcium supplementation - or put some poultry vitamins in her water, at least.
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    She had some poultry vitamin in her food last night and some ACV. She is much improved today, very lively and telling me off. Trying to fly around the laundry when I got there! She is confined to my nicest - and most secure - pen, and will be a guest in the laundry until I see fit. I am simply not going to listen to her anymore, when she says she has to free range and is just perfectly fine! I will get a few pics of her face tonight her eye is healed I think, but she will never be as pretty as she was.

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