True Ameraucanas or EE?


6 Years
Sep 1, 2013
I've done so much reading but I still don't know if they're Ameraucanas or EE. Sorry some of the pics are dark but they were in the shade. They have the slate legs and muffs/beards. I was told they were Ameraucanas but since so many people label the EEs that, just wanted to get some expert opinions. They are 6-7 months old. Thanks!

They are EE. Ameraucanas come in a variety of specific colors. Those beautiful hens are not the proper color.
Thank you Sourland, I kinda suspected that. It makes no difference to me, I just don't want to call them Ameraucanas if they're not
From what I have seen at shows they could be either. I certainly am no expert but I do wish the folks who are so critical would point to some written definitive Literature that clearly defines the true colors of Amercannas . From the National club I have seen some things such as color go from person to person often enough that a standard of type and color needs to be clearly defined along with consistent type so that every player or breeder can know for sure what is acceptable and what is not. I have not come across such literature in my several years of working with these birds.
Is the website for the Ameraucana club, they have a FAQs and a picture page of the allowed colors. Anytime you are judging to a standard there are going to be as many personal interpretations of it as you have people, and that is a pretty loose standard which gives you a lot of range in the interpretations.
See what I mean? The so called experts seem to be just as in the dark as many of us novices are! This is why I opened the thread asking for critiques and pictures based on a written and accepted standard of the breed.
You have to be careful who you call an expert! Stick with what the breed organization says, what their SOP calls for. Lots of folks all over the interwebz are experts on lots of things

Op, your birds are nice Easter egger hens. They should lay you nice green or blue eggs, and isn't that really what most of us backyarders really want?
Thank you so much for posting this however if you take into consideration how much these babies are going to change are they truly E.E.ers or just immature babies of standard colors. The little hen in my avatar came from the line of birds produced by the President of the Amercanas Club. I have seen Lavenders or so called Lavenders which look just like her. Again lets look at what the judges have said and their choices over the years. Produce the pictures of the winning birds from your shows and lets get that kind of definition going.

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