True Black Silkie Cockerel


The Lady Gadfly
8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
Fort Smith, Arkansas
I have a true black silkie cockerel available. He is from Aaron Hunginger stock. He just started crowing and is absolutely gorgeous. I ordered a trio, one died in shipment due to careless PO handling, and the remaining two were boys. I can find use for one, but not two.

This is a TRUE black silkie, not a black bird from other pairings. He is 16 weeks old now. His parents were black, as were theirs. I would like $30 for him. That is less than I paid for him at 8 weeks old.

The photo is a few weeks old, but I can send you some more current photos as soon as it stops raining here.

Shipping will be $65, including his box.

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