True Rumpless Araucana Bantam Eggs


12 Years
Dec 29, 2008
Central Missouri
My Coop
My Coop
For your consideration is 6 (plus any extras my hens may provide) fresh & fertile hatching eggs from my colorful Araucana bantams. All are rumpless,small, friendly, and have correct willow legs. The cockerels is tufted, the hens are clean faced. Hens lay medium sized blue to turquoise colored eggs and are broody and good Mothers. All of my birds are on a diverse diet of greens, grain, crumbles, and on a high protein diet. Fertility has been excellent if not 100%. Testimonials on my website from those who have purchased and hatched from me. I do pack very well and shipped eggs, as far as Hawaii, have had amazing results (photos on website of my packaging method). Buyer is welcome to double order for no additional shipping cost. I am sure you will be most satisfied with the hatch from Show-Me Silkies

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