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Try not to laugh....

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Miss Red, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. Miss Red

    Miss Red Songster

    Apr 26, 2010
    Trinity, Texas
    So today one of my roosters, an EE named Jostin (big ol' boy at that) decided one my three month old Spangled game stag was his newest hen. Now, this little guy might weigh 1/8 what Jostin weighs... And given that, when he jumps the poor little guy he smothers him. I've tried penning Jostin up, but when he's let out to range he immediately runs over and repeadetly "claims" the little stag. Other than penning him up full time, what can I do to break him before he breaks stag 3?

    I've tried breaking them up and tucking both under an arm. I've tried letting my game roo off his cord to teach Jostin a lesson. That, by the way, I won't be doing again. The peacomb did teach Jostin a thing or two but it made Jostin decide that the peacomb would be another target. Spraying him with a hose seams mean, and seeing as neither of the two roos can get away from Jostin I'm debating on keeping him put up full time.

    I know its some sort of dominance thing, but its starting to spread to my other stags. He's tagging / claiming them more than his hens. Is he confused or trying to become top roo?
  2. dsowens15

    dsowens15 Songster

    Jun 17, 2010
    Winchester, TN
    I would say he is showing that he is the top rooster. Just let it be. When the stags get older, if they don't like it that is, they will teach him not to try anything.
  3. zazouse

    zazouse Crowing

    Sep 7, 2009
    Southeast texas
    The only time i have ever had this kind of problem is when i had to many roosters and not enough hens.

    Come the evening time the roos would try to mate with anything including my dogs and even a flip-flop, heck i got one roo that thinks hes a duck and he does his best to bred them all even the drakes, but he was a lone chick raised with duck.

    He does to a great job of atching out for them though.

    I hope you can find a solution.
  4. Miss Red

    Miss Red Songster

    Apr 26, 2010
    Trinity, Texas
    Between the teenagers and adults that free range, I have 35 hens, one adult rooster, and 5 stags. Then Jostin and his four girls. I don't think its too many roos, and four of the stags will be going to their new home next week. The rooster and spangled stag will stay, and I am going to divide my spangleds into one pen and put the clarets and roundheads in with the roundhead roo. That will give each of the boys half of the flock.

    The roundhead roo gives Jostin a good whalloping before Jostin even comes close to tagging him. Its just frustrating, I'm worried he's going to crush my Spangled guy. -Shrugs- So I guess wait it out until I can get their pens completed?

    And I'm right in Jostin just trying to become top roo? Showing everyone he's the boss?

    For now he and his girls are going to go into the grow out coop, he gets along fine with birds that aren't flowing with teenage horomones. Its where he spent most of today, until Piggy showed him how to climb the leaning tree and fly out to get back to ranging.

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