Tryin to hatch an egg

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7 Years
Apr 15, 2012
I have an egg in an incubator, i candled the egg at 16 days and the chicken looked good. It is now 22 days and it hasnt hatched yet. What should i do?
I'd leave it for another couple of days. If it's the only egg in the bator you have nothing to lose by leaving it in for a bit longer.

Sometimes if the temperature is a little bit low it takes longer for the chicks to develop. I have had quite a few hatch on day 22 and even on day 24 once.

I wouldn't open the bator to have a look at it as you risk the humidity dropping which dries the chick out inside the shell making it very difficult / impossible for it to hatch.

Hope it works out fine.
I just seen your other post. Another test you can try is to float the egg in warm water. If you see it bobbing about then the chick is still likely to be alive. If there is no movement then it s likely to be dead.

In the event that it is still alive you should put it back in the bator and make sure humidity is high enough to prevent it drying out. :)

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