Trying a new feed mix-- need input

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by SportTees, Sep 25, 2008.

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    O.k, I'm going to try a new feed mix that's a little cheaper for the winter. Here's what I have come up with to feed my chickens, ducks and quail:

    -40% co-op egg ration
    -40% co-op gamebird booster
    -15% Chicken starter ( the 24% variety)
    -5% Purina gamebird maintence

    I'am also planning to use sweet feed like scratch for the chickens and maybe ducks

    The protien levels for the different foods are in order - 15%,14%,24%,12.5% and the sweet feed is 10%

    Good idea or Bad idea???
  2. d.k

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    * Can't really tell you good or bad, but -IF- my math is right, I come up with an average protein of 15.45% with that blend. . . and that doesn't include whatever scratch you will serve up: that would drop the count considerably. The other numbers I would take into consideration is the percentage of fat in the blend-- which is important esp. in winter for body heat production.
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    not sure on what is meant by the fat comment... but birds are not mamals and fat content in the feed (increased) will not help keep them warm in the winter.
    Birds eat less in the winter and all goes into keeping them warm in the winter... give a good general poultry formulated supplement in the winter to ensure against deficiencies.
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    * Oh, I thought that was why we feed birds suet and fatty snacks in the winter. . . .
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    * (deleted d.p.)
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    May 23, 2008
    hi there

    im not sure either on the mix but in your area it doesnt get as cold as it does here in michigan, i give mine layer and i will mix in cracked corn for warmth. the best thing i have found for ducks and geese is cracked corn if you are worried about temps and mix that with plain old scratch feed. cause here in mich the general temps here are about 10 degrees, so if you want take your feed according to what the northerners do. and 24% feed i have found is not good for anything especially chicks it makes them feather and grow way too quick. im not sure what the booster is for myself nor do i have game birds so i cant comment on that. but a regular light bulb cracked corn and layer is what the cold states use primarily.
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    Quote:Layer is similar to egg ration isn't it. I meant to get layer but ended up with egg ration. I had been feeding my ducks corn mixed with a small amount of gamebird but was told that grain would be better for them. Thats why I switched to Gamebird booster. The booster has corn in it mixed with other grains.

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