Trying build an incubator out of this cabinet.

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    What do I need? Do I need to insulate the sides? Should I remove the door and put a heavy Plexiglas one on? Should I drill holes in the shelf to let air pass through? Should I tape or fill the slot in the top shelf and drill holes in it to let air pass? The sides are either 3/4 or 5/8 inch thick. The stuff lining the wood is washable, I don't know what it is called.
    [​IMG] Top through the Plexiglas.[​IMG] Top inside.

    [​IMG] Top inside.[​IMG] Front.

    [​IMG] Front with door open.[​IMG] Back.

    [​IMG] Right side.

    [​IMG] Left side.
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    My first thoughts

    That fan is going to pull in wY to much fresh air and make it near impossible to keep a steady temp and humidity. You don't need near the amount of oxygen that you think that you do. The more insulated the better. I would suggest insulating it.

    To be completely honest this shelf does not appear to be something that can be used as an incubator.

    Saying that I've used many things that have been iffy to incubate in.

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